The seat of the Regional Museum since 1981 is the former town hall in Kutno. The building in the classicist style was built between 1842 and 1845, according to the design of Bonifacy Witkowski, on a plot donated by the heir of the town, Felix Mniewski. In 1961, the former entrance gate was adapted as the lobby, in order to increase the functionality of the building. The renovation of the exterior facade of the town hall, carried out from June to December 2001, took into account the design from the project of Henryk Siuder from 1981 and helped to restore its classicist form. The Regional Museum in Kutno was established as a multi-departmental institution. Its research area includes Kutno and local region (within the boundaries of kutno county), documenting the past and present through areas such as archaeology, history, art, ethnography, nature and military. Construction work is currently in proceed in order to reorganize the museum in connection with the revaslyzed Augustus III Travel Palace.