The Regional Museum in Kutno, trying to meet residents interests, has been organising competitions for many years in order to promote knowledge of the town’s local cultural and historical heritage. The audience circle is made of different age groups: children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Competitions have cyclical character: Larp – learning through play, combining elements of school and historical drama, urban games in the European Heritage Days, e.g. “Labyrinth of Independence”). There are individual events that are related to important anniversaries, places or historical figures (e.g. “Portrait of Dr. Anthony Troczewski” – presentation or film about the First Honorary Citizen of Kutno). Adults have the opportunity to check their skills in the photographing – the inspiration are the iconographic collections of the Museum. We organize fitness competitions (e.g. Shooting Tournament for chancellor Andrew Hieronyma Zamoyski award) and instant competitions, organized by Facebook and Instagram.