At the end of the 20th century, public interest in regional history increased significantly. Local authorities such as the Regional Museum in Kutno play a huge role in promoting it. In 2012, local authorities decided to establish the “REGIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMME – “KUTNO THROUGH THE CENTURIES”. The programme developed a number of classroom scenarios for each educational stage. Classes in addition to traditional methods can be carried out in the form of excursions, didactic games, competitions, projects.
The Regional Museum in Kutno also has an educational offer for students. For the youngest we offer a series of classes called “Preschool Academy”, for slightly older “Children’s University”, as well as an educational program thematically related to the times of the Polish-Saxon Union. In the course of development are the assumptions of an educational offer related to a new museum exposition on the history of Kutno. A summary and our of educational results is organized every as a test of knowledge under the name: “The great test of Kutno’s history”.