Museum collections include several thousand different types of objects. Their main source consists of photos and documents illustrating the history of Kutno families, industry, trade and crafts, the activities of organizations and associations. In addition, there are various types of everyday use items in the collection. Especially impressive is the collection of photographs and memos relating to the 37 Infantry Regiment, stationed in Kutno in the interwar period. Among the more interesting exhibits related to the Battle of Bzura we can include: uniform jacket of Colonel. Mieczysław Mozdyniewicz, heavy machine gun of the Browning system from 1930 and grenade launcher from 1936. Most of the collections presented at the exhibition were donated by the families of the participants of the Battle of Bzura, or the participants themselves. A large part of the memoreas comes from the finds on the territory of the fighting. A significant part of the acquired exhibits are maps and plans of Kutno and Kutno County. Recently, the museum collections have been enriched by exhibits from the collection of Andrew Inaduch, associated with Napoleon Bonaparte. Exhibits obtained as a result of archaeological excavations in Kutno and Łąkoszyn are a separate part of the collection. In the field of ethnography, another collection of sculptures of local folk artists and souvenirs of the artist Stanisław Kurman also can be seen in the museum.
Results of our scientific work are presented during conferences, debates and discussion panels. We also publish them in museum publications such as: “Kutno Biographical Dictionary” and “Studies and materials, from the history of Kutno and the county”.
We also encourage you to get a look at our museum catalogues which are available in the online section.